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The leading brand in Brazil in the bariatric nutrition and supplements industry is now changing lives in the USA.
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Belt Nutrition supplements are produced to the highest quality standards and designed to meet the special nutritional needs of bariatric patients. The formulations are carefully elaborated after extensive scientific research, considering the absorption of each nutrient in the body.

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With Belt Nutrition by your side, you can live the happy, healthy life you've always wanted. Our team is composed of doctors and nutritionists who develop products specifically for individuals who have had bariatric surgery.

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Our mission

To aid in the rehabilitation of the body after surgery and daily nutritional deficiencies. To meet the needs of athletes, menopausal women, bariatric patients, the elderly, and anyone who needs to complement their diet and take care of their health with the best quality standard.

Vision: To be a global leader in the nutritional supplements market with high-quality supplements and pleasant flavors that meet the daily needs of adults and children.

Values: High quality, variety of products and indications, a guarantee of composition, and enjoyable taste.

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